The Flourishing Incubator
The Flourishing Incubator
Sanae Tabnaoui Ph.D.,

The Flourishing Lab Community

We’re creating the optimal conditions for human success.

An Epidemic of Mental Distress!

Are you a curious and courageous leader in life sciences and healthcare? Do you seek to enhance your performance and health?

If yes, does this sound like you?

  • "I have a demanding job with a high level of responsibilities and feel exhausted at the end of the week."
  • When asked in the workplace, how are you doing you simply reply: "I am coping well."
  • "I have an urgent matter to close before tomorrow, I have to skip my family dinner."

"How can I have a better work-life balance."

These are the questions we answer and the challenge we help each other solve in The Flourishing Incubator.

About The Flourishing Lab Community

Here is a small taste of what you will get.

Together, we will explore insights from breakthrough research and real-life experiences to deepen your understanding of reality, so that you can strengthen your sense of coherence (Antonovsky, 1987).

That is true, learn, unlearn, and upskill to keep performing demand to stay up-to-date and there is so much information out there that it may feel overwhelming.

So, we curate the best wisdom out there into learning and development programs designed to equip you with the most appropriate tools to navigate through your life’s transitions.

The key to a successful well lived-life is to master the self-regulation of your body-mind and spirit.

We will help engineer your life tool kit, full of personalized do-it-yourself health interventions so that you can be grounded in a state of being, not doing!
“Tuning in” to nurture your vitality, and creating optimal and sustainable work-life conditions for human success.

Join The Flourishing Lab community, and let's co-build collective wisdom that will uplift human work-life conditions into a new framework based on a shared sense of humanity.

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About L&D Programs

Learning and Development (L&D) programs are blended learning programs that guide you on the exploration of the diverse range of science-based, practical strategies, and pearls of wisdom.
You will be part of a cohort of flourishers, you will be walking side-by-side so that each of you can walk confidently in and make an atomic transformation.

“Inner development is deeply personal and inherently collective.”
(Senge, IDG-2020)

The learning and development programs are interdisciplinary looks at how you can shift from a survival mode of living to a joyful way of living- from languishing to flourishing (Keyes, 2002).

You will explore practical methods to cultivate your wellbeing at your own pace while taking advantage of collective energy and wisdom. In addition, you will regularly revisit everything you have learned and translate it into your real-world situations. 

The L&D programs are designed to help you get better attuned to yourself, controlling your emotions independently of any circumstances that might arise on your way, navigate into life with a strong sense of who you are and focus on what matters most. 

By using specific positive interventions tools and insights, you will see that you can hold space to your élan vital and flourish more—far more—than you might have ever dreamed!

If you can be aligned and be tranquil 

only then can you be stable

With a stable mind at your core,

With the eyes and ears acute and clear,

And with the four limbs and fixed,

You can thereby make a lodging place for the vital essence.

(The Inward Training, Fourth century BC)

Look below and start your journey!

Discover how our L&D programs will help you succeed in work and life.

Get ready! L&D programs available soon “The Conscious Leadership” and “The Making of the Thriving Manager.”

About The Founder

Sanae Tabnaoui is an experienced innovation leader with a Ph.D. in physical chemistry, mastering micro-total analysis systems in biology and medicine.

For 14 years, she had the opportunity to be involved in cutting-edge innovation projects. Sanae is a charismatic and energetic person “full of spirit.” Sanae has been providing high-quality services as a consultant in life sciences using her strategic thinking and relationship building. Thanks to her autonomy, agility, and futuristic abilities, she leads projects purposefully while tackling VUCA* challenges by fostering team members to engage in genuine cooperation and take on clear responsibilities. 

Using her experience in positive psychology & positive organizational scholarship, Sanae will help you drive transformations and engage your workforce to help your teams thrive in a VUCA world while meeting project and organization’s goals.

Sanae’s purpose in life is to use her zest, creativity, and individualization traits to help individuals discover their uniqueness and understand the power of their talents, so they can connect to their inner world and direct themselves toward a flourishing future.

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*Volatil, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous (VUCA)